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We currently have photos on Display for the month of December at Cafe Cesura in Bellevue, WA. 
After a long hiatus we have brought back a new season of our show! Thanks to all who tuned into our Summer Season! We are looking for businesses to participate in our next season! 
Times are tough and things are changing fast as businesses are adapting to try and survive a pandemic that has no end in sight. 
In these crazy times we decided to start producing videos again as a way to help support our small local businesses and let you know what they are doing to innovate and operate safely during the pandemic.
We want to help businesses tell their story. This is a zero budget show. If you would also like to join our mission of supporting our small and medium size business, please consider donating via Patreon  or Venmo. We want to stay involved in our community and continue to work safely!
Season 11 is currently in Pre-Production. Discovering The High Life is all about good living with a focus on local businesses. We believe that wherever you travel, you should try to seek out the best local spots for food, drink, and fun. 
We are currently filming in the Greater Seattle Area visiting local brewers, winemakers, chefs, bars, restaurants and other places for fun and adventure. Check back Thursdays for updates on the new episodes. When the pandemic is over we will be traveling around the Pacific Northwest and Beyond! Tell us where we should visit!
Do you have a restaurant, bar, winery, brewery, event, tour, band, or adventure you would like featured in one of our episodes? We wanna see it! send us a message to be featured. 
Sponsorship opportunities available! If you are interested in sponsoring our efforts, donating, or want to do a promotion with Discovering The High Life, please contact us! 
We took a pause from filming for the pandemic but now we are ready to start filming again! We've got some great spots lined up. Stay tuned!
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